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Clash Royale – Ongoing Post!

This my Clash Royale Strategy site. Here you will find details as the game progresses, from a geek point of view. As I see the game developing, I will post new findings, interests, and other things to keep in mind when playing. This is an evolving article as it will contain all the current and future updates in one single page. Below will be strategies, tested and true; as well as those not so much.  Check out my clan, “The Brotherhood”, marked with a White Star and Red and Blue background.

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 First impression!

Release Notes — May 18, 2016

Freeze spell has been a source of many complaints in the Clash Royale [Free] community because along with fast units like Hog Riders, it is devastating. Supercell finally agreed with players and is moving in to take some action. Freeze duration will be decreased by 1 second, so that should weaken the Hog-Freeze combo. Supercell doesn’t want to deter offensive play, which is why they aren’t nerfing Hog Riders instead. The Royal Giant will see a 4% damage decrease because he got too strong after the last update, and the Furnace cost went down to 4 from 5, its hitpoints decreased by 14%, and its lifetime decreased to 40 seconds. The reason is that Furnace wasn’t used almost at all so they decided to try and make it a more viable choice.

Fire Spirits Area Damage will see a radius increase of 25%, Guards hitpoints and damage will be increased by 8%, Miner hitpoints increased by 6%, and Lava Hound and Lava Pups will also have their hitpoints increased. The Elixir Collector will instead see a decrease of its hitpoints (as will the Cannon), while the Knight’s hitpoints will go up 10%. These are just some of the changes, and you can check out all of them here. As you can tell, the reasoning behind these changes is to make the new cards more attractive and to tone down some very powerful combos. The update is going live Wednesday the 18th, so bye bye Freeze.

Release Notes — May 3, 2016

Update: New Cards, More Rewards & Live Spectating!


  • New Common Card: Fire Spirits
  • New Rare Card: Furnace
  • New Epic Card: Guards
  • New Legendary Cards: Lava Hound, Miner, Sparky


  • Gold: Receive Gold for each win, even when your chest slots are full
  • Crown Chest: Contains twice as much!
  • Super Magical Chest: Chance to drop doubled!
  • Giant and Magical Chests: Chance to drop increased!
  • Donations/Requests: Increases as you reach higher Arenas
  • Card Shop: Legendary Cards can appear once you’ve reached the Legendary Arena
  • Maximum Gold: Increased to 1 million


  • Live Spectating: Watch Friendly Battles live, and throw confetti!
  • TV Royale Channels: See the best battles from any Arena


  • Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery: Copy anyone’s Battle Deck from their profile
  • Battle Deck Reshuffling: Move cards inside your Battle Deck when they wobble
  • Legendary Card Info: Now viewable in most places when tapping on a Legendary Card
  • Clan Badges: Added lots of awesome new badges
  • Card Shop: Gold cost of Shop cards now increases in a linear fashion (i.e. 20, 40, 60)
  • Clan Elders: Added 20 minute cooldown between kicking Clan members


  • Gold Economy: We’ve reduced the amount of Gold each chest gives, but, there is a lot more Gold available overall with the addition of Gold for every win and double-sized Crown Chests!
  • New Tournament Rules: Card level caps changed to 1, 4, 7, 9 (find out why!)
  • New Max Levels: Card level caps changed to 5, 8, 11, 13 (find out why!)
  • Card Balance: We’ve re-balanced several cards (find out why!)

As always, please leave your thoughts over on our forums or reddit.

Clash Royale Arena 6 Strategy – Update 4/29/2016

Heading to Arena 7? This Arena 6 deck took me from 1400 – 1979. I’ve been holding quite well in the 1900s for the last week with this deck. It’s very versatile, it has it consistent strengths, and can defend against pretty much all other decks, just as long as you play it right.

Clash RoyaleThe strategy: This is a passive deck. Basically, the point is to gain elixir advantage by defending and pumping more elixir at the same time. After a successful defense is accomplished, you can send your hog rider to their tower. The object is to just get a hit or two at least. If you have max elixir, drop a rocket on their tower, or combo hit their tower and buildings/units. Keep your bomb tower up at all times, unless you suspect the opponent is maxing elixir for a long push and you might want to time the drop on your bomb tower so it lasts a bit longer.  Poke with your spear goblins anytime there is room to do so. Your barbarians and minions are for the hard pushes with high HP units. Just be sure to drop them right on top of their target to get the most damage. If you suspect arrows, drop other units first to hopefully draw the arrows early, then drop the minions. Make sure you always have either tower, barb, or minions in your deck for countering. Once double elixir occurs, you should have two pumps going and can drop rockets after each opponent attempt. If they target your pumps, counter with a hog, you’ll usually always get a hit or two  on the tower. If they drop a building to distract, hopefully you can hit with your rocket and still contact the tower; otherwise, you’ll just rely on your rocket to win or get good timing on your hog counters.

This deck will not give you three crown finishes. It will get you higher in the arenas though, which in turn will maximize your loot. As you can see, I’ll be upgrading the minions and barbs very soon, which will make it an even better deck to use.

Countering the Golem: You’ll distract with a tower, wait until the golem is across the bridge and drop your barbs on whatever is behind the golem (wizard, witch, etc). The barbs will kill the support guy and then focus on the Golem.

Countering the Pekka, Double Prince: Distract with tower, use minions, or use rocket to take out double princes. Very hard to counter this deck.

Countering the Giant/Balloon: I lose to this deck half the time. It’s hard to counter because there is not a lot of anti air in this deck. The opponent will usually have arrows, which will kill the minions. I suggest waiting on balloon to drop and hitting it with the rocket. Then drop the tower, or pump, or barbs to counter the giant. Very difficult deck.


Strategy – update 4/7/2016 for Arena 5

Arena 5 - 4-7-2016


Goblin, Cannon, Prince, Minion Horde, Arrows, Lightning, Musketeer, Barbarians.

Strategy – update 4/1/2016

File Apr 01, 2 45 54 PMFile Apr 01, 2 45 05 PMSo the Destruction Deck got me to Mid 4. It was good deck, but if the Giant Skeleton did not push hard enough, it failed against a good opponent. So I made some adjustments. The Goblins were great at 2, but they only prevented damage to my towers with units such as the Prince, and didn’t really do much beyond that. At 3.8, it was still a little low, so I could add a better card. I swapped the Goblin for a Freeze card, and this worked well for a while as well. I still wasnt doing full sweeps using this method at least consistently enough to call it a Destruction Deck. So more tweaks were made. I swapped out my defense card, Tesla, to psychologically change my position from defensive to offensive. I took out the Tesla and the Bomber, and put in the Witch, and the Valkyrie. So the standard deck now is as follows. What I have experienced is several three crown sweeps shortly after the adjustment. Review the pics below. I’ll stick with this for a bit, and see what happens next.

Strategy – updated 03/22/2016

*Destruction Deck*

Clash Royale
Destruction Deck

One question… What’s the best counter for a Giant Skeleton? Correct answer: Barbarians. What’s the best counter for Barbarians? Correct Answer: Minion Horde.

Combine the Giant Skeleton and Minion Horde at the bridge is a deadly combination. Especially if your opponent dropped a hut, goblins, etc on the other side of the map. As long as you can counter with Arrows, Bomber, or plant a Tesla; push Giant Skeleton first behind Tower (hope to get a lightning dropped on you) and when he’s half way to the bridge from the Tower, drop your Minion Horde so they meet at the bridge. This move should get a Barbarian response or something similar. Your minions should be able to take them out. If the enemy drops Arrows on you, then push back with a Bomber, or some Spear Goblins. If you can get your Giant Skeleton to the tower on the first push, then you will win the game unless you screw it up.

Always keep a Tesla handy for a counter. Keep dropping Huts every time you can, but wait until you have 7-8 elixir to cover a possible counter. If the enemy drops Skeleton Horde on you, then the Minions should pick them up quick, otherwise you can anticipate with Arrows if you are skilled enough to know your safe and could spare the 3 elixir.

If the initial push doesn’t work, you can usually follow up pretty quickly with another, or just slow push the other side with Huts, and one final push towards the end of the match on that side. Either way, this is very hard to counter the first, second, or even third time it’s seen. So take advantage of it while no real solid counter exist. Either way, if the push fails, you will most likely gain back the advantage with the dropped bomb. Push again, or from the other side if he dropped low level elixirs.

Good luck!

Strategy – updated 03/10/2016

Strategy: Requirements

You should always have a tank, anti-air, splash, low elixir, versatile, power play. If you can find a card that works more than one of these, than it should work out quite well for you. I’ve learned recently that Arrow and Fireball are not needed to win. It certainly makes it difficult if the other player has Skeleton Army or huts, but overwhelming the other player while using a Valkyrie will go very far in the first three arenas.

Arena 3: I finally became quite frustrated with my deck and I couldn’t understand the inconsistencies in one on one matchups. I’d win sometimes, I’d lose others, and it just wasn’t clear to me why. Then, after a very rough night sleeping and sore back on my mind, I didn’t have time to lose again. So I examined my deck and I realized I had exactly eight, level 5 cards, so I made a fresh deck and started a battle.

Wow… I had a knight kicking the butt of a mini pekka one on one. The levels really make a huge difference. By just using a full level 5 deck, I was wiping people out quickly. This highlights the need to utilize the Request Cards in the clan chat to maximize your current deck. Get those cards up! They make the world of difference.



Mini Pekka – High Damage, Single Target, Slow Attack

  • Swarm with Skeleton Army
  • Drop Goblins and a Musketeer
  • Drop early Minions
  • Worst case scenario, wait until MP gets close to tower, then drop units behind him.

Prince – High Damager, Good HP, Single Target, Double Damage in Charge

  • Swarm with skeleton horde
  • Drop early Minions
  • Distract with Tank
  • Worst case scenario, wait until Prince gets close to tower, then drop units behind him.

Baby Dragon

  • Musketeer
  • Spear Goblins
  • Goblin Hut (not an immediate deterrent)
  • Archers
  • Baby Dragon (annoying to watch)
  • Distract with Tank


  • Any flying unit, plus to the Minions for quick take down
  • Tank her and shoot her down long range with a musketeer (use middle ground)
  • Distract with Tank

Skeleton Army

  • Arrows or Fireball
  • Valkyrie
  • Bomb tower or Bomber placed in front just out of range
  • Any flying unit, plus to the Minions or Baby Dragon for quick take down

Witch – (Splash damage, Range, High DPS, Quick Attack, Distractor)

  • Lightning Spell – Psychologically, players want to give her room to spawn minions, so you can always catch her at the tower. Get that extra damage!
  • Valkyrie – the most essential unit thus far in countering the witch, just drop the Valkyrie right on top of her.
  • Bomb tower or Bomber placed in front just out of range
  • Tank her and shoot her down long range with a musketeer (use middle ground)


Truly Versatile Deck to Reach Arena 4 – 03/17/2016

Avg: 3.9 Elixir: Level 3 Knight w/ Level 6 Archer, Level 1 Baby Dragon for splash, Level 3 Giant, Level 6 Minions, Level 5 Barbarians, Level 6 Spear Goblins, and Level 1 Lightning

Happy Clashing everyone! So I do have my main Clash Royale post here… but I wanted to give you guys an update on my latest card picks. I went down to the lowest level arena I could get to in hope of getting the Witch, Prince, Barrel of Goblins, or the Lightning. After several days of trying to hit under 400 cups, I finally got a Giant Chest from Arena 2 that had my Lightning spell. I then gave up and rearranged my cards.

Here is the current set that I used to get back up to my previous amount and some. I’m at 1073 right now and I’m winning quite often, about every three or four games before losing.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale
Clash Royale – To Arena 4

Archived Battle Deck (03-07-16)

File Mar 07, 1 28 22 PMLevel 2 Valkyrie (Tank, AOE) – I keep this card in my deck always because as soon as I drop her, I get killed by the witch, skeleton army, or swarmed by spawners.

Level 4 Spear Goblins (Low Elixir, Anti-Air, Swarm) – This card helps tremendously with the Charging Prince, swarming on the offensive, and taking down air units.

Level 2 Tombstone (Low Elixir, Swarm) – very effective in distraction and taking heavy hits from slow attacking units.

Level 1 Baby Dragon (Anti-Air/Ground, Splash) – this is great for swarms, skeleton armies, minions, or a group of any multi-troop like speared goblins, goblins, barbarians, etc. Great for taking down Bomb Towers and Cannons

Level 2 Goblin Hut (Low Elixir, Filler)

Level 3 Giant (Tank, Beast Mode)

Level 3 Musketeer (Anti-Air, Anti-Tank)

Level 2 Skeleton Army (Anti-Tank, Swarm)


Great Pushes – Quick 3 Star Attack in 45 seconds

Goblin Hut & Tombstone, watch the reaction, drop appropriately, and then follow up with Tank & Musketeer

  • Will fail if opponent has strong Valkyrie, Arrows, or Fireball.

Unit Upgrades

All units upgrade with the following pattern.

Level 1: 2 cards

Level 2: Four cards

Level 3: 10 cards

Level 4: 20 cards

Level 5: 50 cards



Arena 2 — (Efficient Unlock Order)

  • Giant Chest (12H Unlock): 108 Common Cards, 10 Rares, 743-878 Gold
    • 03/14/2016 – Random Drop: 11 Rare Tombstone Cards, 99 Bomber Common Cards, 1 Lightning Epic Card, 784 Gold
  • Silver Chest (3H Unlock): 4 Common Cards, 27-34 Gold

Arena 3 —

  • Silver Chest: 5 Common Cards, 34-43 Gold

Arena 4 —

  • Silver Chest: 6 Common Cards, 40-50 Gold
  • Gold Chest: 20 Common Cards, 2 Rares, 140-160 Gold
  • Giant Chest (320 Gems or unknown Unlock): 160 Common Cards, 16 Rares, 1100-1300 Gold
  • Magical Chest (500 Gems or 12H Unlock): 60 Common Cards, 12 Rares, 2 Epics, 400-500 Gold
    • 04/1/2016 – Random Drop:
  • Super Magical Chest (2800 Gems or unknown Unlock): 360 Common Cards, 72 Rares, 12 Epics, 2400-3000 Gold

Arena 5 —

  • Silver Chest: 7 Common Cards, 46-58 Gold
  • Gold Chest: 23 Common Cards, 2 Rare Cards, 161-184 Gold
  • Giant Chest (350 Gems or unknown Unlock): 184 Common Cards, 18 Rares, 1265-1495 Gold
    • Random Drop: 04/7/2016 – 1419 Gold, 165 Common Zaps, 18 Rare Wizards, 1 Epic Balloon
    • Random Drop: 04/14/2016 – 1430 Gold, 8 Rare Hog Riders, 10 Rare Mini PEKKA, 166 Spear Goblins
  • Magical Chest (600 Gems or 12H Unlock): 69 Common Cards, 13 Rares, 2 Epics, 460-575 Gold
  • Super Magical Chest (3100 Gems or unknown Unlock): 414 Common Cards, 82 Rares, 13 Epics, 2760-3450 Gold

Arena 6 —

  • Standard Chest: 52-65 Gold, 8 Common Cards
  • Silver Chest: 42-52 Gold, 8 Common Cards
  • Gold Chest: 143-169 Gold, 26 Common Cards, 2 Rare Cards
  • Giant Chest (380 Gems or unknown Unlock): 1118-1378 Gold, 208 Common Cards, 20 Rares
    • Random Drop 5/6/2016 – 1276 Gold, 1 Furnace Rare Card, 20 Elixir Rare Cards, 187 Common Fire Spirits
  • Magical Chest (600 Gems or 12H Unlock): 416-520 Gold, 78 Common Cards, 15 Rares, 2 Epics
    • Random Drop: 4/27/2016 – 641 Gold, 5 Common Archers, 1 Elixir Collector, 9 Common Knights, 15 Common Mortars, 31 Common Barbarians, 15 Rare Valkyries, 2 Epic Skeleton Army
  • Super Magical Chest (3400 Gems or unknown Unlock): 2496-3120 Gold, 468 Common Cards, 93 Rares, 15 Epics
  • Crown Chest: 338-442 Gold, 52 Common Cards, 5 Rares






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