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Harford schools doing 'disservice' to students without adequate technology – Baltimore Sun


Harford schools doing 'disservice' to students without adequate technology – Baltimore Sun

If the Harford County public school system doesn’t provide its students now with the tools they’re going to be using daily in the future, it is doing a “great disservice” to those it is trying to educate, board members said at their meeting Monday night.

“There are a great number of our students who have graduated in the last year or two who are going to start a job where they’re going to be handed a tablet computer. They’re going to be expected to know not only how to use it but they’re going to be expected to be comfortable with how to use it as a daily tool for business,” board member Tom Fitzpatrick said. “Not familiarizing them with that, not putting them in an academic environment where that becomes an everyday tool of life, like papers or pencils or draft paper was when I was a kid, in school is a disservice.”

Harford schools don’t have enough technology to go around, but part of its long-term goal is to have one technology device for each student, called “one to one,” and this year is implementing its first year of a five-year plan to reach that goal, according to Joe Licata, chief of administration. This school year, students in grades five and eight will begin using school-issued tablets that convert into tablets.

The school system is seeking $14,772,000 in local funding next year — part of its $101,817,858 total Fiscal Year 2019 Capital Improvement Program request that was approved 9-0 by the Harford County Board of Education Monday — as part of a technology system refresh that includes providing students in grades four and six with the same technology. Board member Al Williamson was absent.

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