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Through the Eyes of Geek - Balancing LifeHey, welcome to my site. It’s a work in progress; I had to start somewhere. You’ll read about tech tips, news, finance, politics, even video games and sweepstakes. I love the challenge in life; the hard knocks, the lessons to be learned. I will share them here as my own documented experience. Join the journey, it should be quite interesting.

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03/07/2016: Balancing Life

The biggest obstacle to my life is finding the right balance between the things I love, the things I don’t, and all the things in between.

First, my family is my number one priority. They are the reason I work hard, stay true to my career, and attempt to manifest alternative means to sustainability. Without their love and admiration, motivation isn’t really there. I decided a long time ago that mediocrity wasn’t my thing. That if I was going to do something, anything, it would be with my best intentions. I tell my boy all the time, just do your best, if you do that it will always be good enough; for me, your mom, and yourself. I certainly want my son to excel in all he does, but in reality, it simply won’t happen. You can’t be good at everything; so instead of pressuring him to be something he isn’t I’m going to praise him for being perfect at exactly who he is already. He bright, resilient, kind, and will be an outstanding young man very soon. His momma has shaved off his rough edges and I’ve always done my best to be a good role model. Together, our family is strong and confident and have always been blessed with God’s favor and wisdom.

Secondly, my work is my dream job. I run a small business’ IT department with a party of one. We’ve tripled in the last 18 months and although the oil industry is heavily hit right now, our trucks keep moving. We are extremely blessed to be where we are, doing what we do, here and now. Through the move to our new building and the network setup, I’ve learned quite a lot of new things along the way. I’m very proud to be here and thankful for the opportunity to grow and stretch my knowledge, but even more so to have a place to apply it. This place is my second home. I love being here just as much as I love being home, but in that other way. It’s a joy to be around those who work here and it’s certainly a much less stressful environment than previous companies I’ve worked.

Thirdly, my spiritual life includes a band of friends and family members that attend a local church. I’ve been involved in ministry, specifically media production, for well over 15 years; basically, since I started high school. I went to church before that, but ministry wasn’t a part of it. We have main stage which includes lights, fog machines, dimmers, very large bass speakers, and several sets of musical instruments. We have five cameras, two media inputs, and several optional setups that allow us to live stream and record all services. We have services at 10:30a on Sunday and 6:30p on Wednesday. We also have the Go Ministry, which is a set of community outreach groups each dedicated to a specific segment of society (elderly, veterans, homeless, low-income, etc).

These three aspects pretty much make up my life and finding a balance between the three can sometimes be difficult. What I find is that there isn’t really balance, not so much as a consistently rotating shift of allegiance that has to be managed individually, uniquely, and carefully each given day. Yes, I have certain expectations about each day, but my life, my job, it’s all fluent in nature and it’s take it and leave it, and work it and move forward. What I try to focus on is simply doing the best I can and making sure that the decisions I make help me to be happy now; not tomorrow, not later, but now. No, I’m not short-sighted. I know I have to save for my future, my family expenses, trips, wants and needs. Unfortunately, there is no checklist of right decisions that you can find on the internet; I just take it day by day and I pray to God for wisdom and favor to help me get through it all. The details, the how, I try my best not to focus on that; I just let God take the ropes, I do my thing — he does his.

When was the last time you struggled with priorities?





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